Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Times

Ok so yesterday I met up with some ladies to go out hiking, and must say I had a wonderful time!! We went to the Alyeska... This was the first time I ever met these ladies, and at first I thought it was an insane idea that I go for a hike with people I didn't know then again I started to think, "this would be totally better than staying home." So I decided to take my chances... My brother says before I left, "make sure these are ladies and not guys and that these ladies don't look like gang bangers!!" Ok so he was being a brother and love him for that... There were four of us ladies, Liz, who was the one that set this up, Misty, Kris and I... Also with us was one guy and Liz assured him, (Josh) that he wouldn't be the only guy but apparently he was... After the hike and some getting to know each other, we went over to the Chair Five Restaurant and had a couple slices of pizza and a drink... I enjoyed an outing with these ladies and think that more hikes like this or even outings like this would be fabulous...

Now it's Friday and I was just asked to if I was going to go out and have a nightlife tonight... My answer... "Nope, I'm staying in tonight." Reason for this is because I have a big day tomorrow at one of my cousin's (Regina) place in Wasilla... Her husband, Doug, is being deployed to Afghanistan next week on Friday and this was like totally last minute they found out about this... So Reggie is throwing a going away party for him and I will not miss it that's for sure!!

As for Sunday, my plans are to watch football ALL DAY!!! I became a football fanatic and it just became somewhat a disgusting thing but a great hobby I guess... I'm a huge Steelers Fan, mainly because of Troy Polamalu and Ben Roethlisberger... Ok so maybe I'm just a huge Pola and Big Ben fan... haha... Anyway that's what's set for me this weekend... Hopefully nothing changes...

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