Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So it's September 8th... My folks and niece are leaving tomorrow back to "The Rock"... (Nunivak Island)... I really am not looking forward for them taking off... I am going to miss their company that's for sure... I think this year was the best State Fair I've ever been too... My Niece and I did everything from riding rides to playing games to taking photos and having our faces painted.... I sure am going to miss my little Munchkin... I wish that they can live here in the ANC so I'm just a hop and a skip away... I can handle my folks and family being here for a couple of weeks, but living with me is a totally different story... I need my privacy and need my freedom... Hopefully I'll be able to visit them in their hometown sometimes... Although it's a bit spendy I must say... A little over a thousand dollars to get to "The Rock" and back to ANC... That just sickens and saddens me... The economy sure has changed a lot since I was a little kiddo... Well that's my story for now... Until next time...

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