Friday, August 28, 2009

Life and Work

So... I'm a nervous wreck right now... I have a feeling that my job is on the line and I'm hating it right now... Higher Authority is my supervisor's office as I type this and noting that a couple weeks ago the Executive Director has said that, "Some People's job's are on the line right now, and we're going to have to cut people." Him saying that he was directly looking at me and so I know I'm possibly that "Some People"... I've been brining my personal belonging's home slowly knowing that I'm possibly going to be "next" in line to leave this corrupt office life... I just pray that I'm able to find another job and hopefully a better and more non-corrupt job environment...

Anyway enough about that, let's move on... So my folk's and niece are here in town visiting and that I'm totally looking forward to most definetely!!! My niece makes my world go round and always makes my heart brighten up whenever I'm with her... I love her to pieces and she knows it... Hopefully the weather cooperates so that I can take her out to the park sometimes and also to the state fair... She's bee saying she wants to go and watch a movie... So hopefully I'll be able to do that... Anyway until next time!!!

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