Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok so here I am once again, exactly two weeks later... My folks, sis and niece are leaving today back to their home island... I brought them out to the airport and I must say I held my tears until I took off... I was sad to see them depart and am going to miss th noise of my niece and her little pitter patters running around in my condo... I'm also going to miss her constant questions and her presence... She's my little angel that girl... It just brings tears to my eyes right now... My baby sister, whom is at least two inches taller than I and towers over me, I am also going to miss her company... We never really got to start knowing each other until a few years back... We have gal talks and so forth, all which I wish I had when I was in higschool... Being 15 years older then she, is quite the difference, although we have our similarities... My folks, I'm going to miss asking a lot of questions like their grandaughter... As they get older, the seeing of them being like children is cute... My Ma' is my everything as well as my Pa'... Hopefully I'll be able to see them soon... The cost of airfare to our home island isn't cheap so it'll possibly be a while... My brother Scott is back for a few more days then he's off to Fort Worth, Texas... Oh how I'll most definetely miss him also... My condo is going to be an empty sanctuary for who knows how long... That gives me time to get rid of things that I don't need and so forth... I sure can't wait until my sis in law gets her plants... I think they're just on the way... Anyway, until next time, hope y'all had a wonderful and happy new year 2010!!

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